Dial-up Server Manager
for Windows 95/98/ME

version 1.3

Sorry for vizitors, who don't speak Russian, that I didn't make a full-featured English page yet. Here is a brief information of my utility.

What is Dial-up Server Manager?

Dial-up Server Manager is a very simple utility, which allows to start/stop Windows 9x build-in dial-up remote access server from the command prompt. Using it together with system scheduler you can force dial-up server to accept incoming connection only at specified time periods. The utility works on Windows 95/98/ME only.

Command Line Format:

DialServ [command] [device_name]
DialServ [command] [/N:device_number] [/T:device_type]

startserver - start dial-up server
stopserver - stop dial-up server
disconnectuser - break connection
showstatus - (the default) display device list and their status
help or ? or /? - show brief help

device_name – modem name. If device_name not specified, the command is performed on all available devices. If the name contains spaces, put it in double quotes.

/N:device_number – You can select device by it's order in device list instead of its name. Note, that using modem name is preferable. If your hardware configuration is changed, the device list order may be changed too.

/T:device_type – show only devices of the specified type.


DialServ startserver "Lucent Win Modem"
DialServ stopserver /N:1
DialServ showstatus /T:modem


DOWNLOAD DialServ.zip

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